Privacy Policy

U.S. Box takes the utmost care in protecting the privacy of our online shoppers.
We do not sell or rent any personal information.

Shopper data is given only to the parties involved in processing the order.
Such as: the U.S. Box and our payment processing agent.

We maintain this strict privacy policy except in cases we believe it appropriate to cooperate
in investigations of fraud or other illegal activity.

U.S Box on occasion will E-mail our customers with web site update notifications but always
includes an automatic opt-out link in every message.

What are cookies and how are they used at our sites?
A cookie contains a small amount of information that allows U.S. Box web servers to keep track of the shopping cart sessions. Cookies are issued by a specific web server and temporarily stored in your browser. We only pass a random tracking code to a Cookie which will expire when you exit your browser. If you have entered our site from one of our trusted affiliates we track your purchase total for commission purposes only. At no point in time will any of your personal information or product information be stored in a cookie.


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