Candy Boxes offers a huge selection of candy boxes covering both plastic candy box and paper candy box varieties. We also offer a complete candy box system offering the highest quality rigid candy boxes and a vast selection of candy trays to display your creations. Our boxes are the perfect choice for chocolates, truffles, macaroons, turtles and so much more. 


Everyday 1 Piece White Candy Boxes

1 Piece Colored Candy and Macaroon Boxes

Luster Metallic Candy Boxes

Folding 1 Piece White Candy Boxes

Everyday 2 Piece 1/2 Pound Candy Boxes

Everyday 2 Piece 1 Pound Candy Boxes

Everyday 2 Piece 1 1/2 Pound Candy Boxes

Everyday 2 Piece 2 Pound Candy Boxes

Traditional Automatic Paper Candy Boxes

Contemporary Ballotin Paper Candy Boxes

Colored Automatic1 Piece Folding Candy Boxes

Taffy-Brittle-Pretzel 1piece White Folding Boxes

Folding Set-up  Boxes w/ Mix & Match Colors

Glossy 2 Piece Folding Candy Boxes

Single Layer Ballotin Candy Boxes, Trays and Pads

Double Ballotin Candy Boxes, Trays and Pads

2 and 4 Piece Candy Ballotin Box

Tiny Cube Candy Box

Small 1/4lb Folding Window Candy Boxes

2 Piece Oval Window Candy Boxes

Window Candy Boxes

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Window Boxes

Candy/Caramel Apple Window Boxes

Natural Kraft Gable Window Boxes

Small Gourmet Gloss Window Boxes

Colorful Single Truffle Totes

Four Piece Truffle Totes

Ballotin Bow Boxes

FDA Approved Craft Paper Ellipse Tube

FDA Approved Craft Paper Round Tube

Vertical White Window Candy Totes

Horizontal White Window Candy Totes

Vertical Beach Designed Window Candy Totes

Horizontal Beach Design Window Candy Totes

Glossy Colored Paper Take Out Boxes

Matte Kraft Paper Take Out Boxes

Candy and Chocolate Cups

Window Brown Frosted Candy Boxes

Window Black Frosted Candy Boxes

Window Clear Frosted Candy Boxes

White Sided Clear View Top PET Candy Boxes

Gold Sided Clear View Top PET Candy Boxes

Cube Plastic Candy Boxes

FDA Food Safe Clear Boxes

Long Geneva Plastic Candy Boxes

Geneva Plastic Candy Boxes

Gold Bottom Long Acetate Candy Boxes

Reversible Sleeve Candy Boxes

Long Colored Candy Boxes

Metallic Trimmed Acetate Candy Box

FDA Approved Clear Square Tube

FDA Approved Clear Round Tube

FDA Approved Clear Ellipse Tube

FDA Approved Clear Hexagon Tube

FDA Approved Clear Triangle Tube

Plastic Cube Apple Box

Plastic Hex Flower Top Apple Box

Plastic Hex Twist Top Apple Box

Apple Plastic Box

Petal Top Plastic Box

Clear Acetate Pillow Boxes

FDA Approved Crystal Clear Pillow Boxes

Clear FDA Approved Pillow Boxes with Horizontal Side Hang Hole

Clear Single Truffle Tote

Plastic Chinese Take-Out Boxes

Frosted Dot Plastic Take-out Pail

Plastic Take-out Pails

Round Plastic Favor Boxes

Clear Tote Style Candy Boxes

Candy Cups

Gold Diamond Foil Collection

Elegant Gold Embossed Foil Collection

Textured Cocoa Candy Boxes Collection

White Gloss Candy Box Collection

Dark Chocolate Candy Boxes Collection

Red Diamond Candy Boxes Collection

Black Onyx Candy Boxes Collection

Caramel & Dark Chocolate 2-Tone Candy Box

Textured Latte & Cocoa 2-Tone Candy Box

Plum & Silver Silk 2-Tone Candy Box

Saphire & Silver Silk 2-Tone Candy Box

Gold Diamond Candy Boxes w/Clear Lids Collection

Black Onyx Candy Boxes w/Clear Lids Collection

White Gloss Candy Boxes w/Clear Lids Collection

Silk Silver Candy Boxes w/Clear Lids Collection

Cocoa Gloss Candy Boxes w/Clear Lids Collection

Red Diamond Candy Boxes w/Clear Lids Collection

Pretzel & Nut Boxes with Clear Lids

Help You Shop for the Best Candy Boxes

Our vibrant, foldable one-piece candy boxes offer an attractive solution for packaging your premium candies, cookies, exquisite chocolates, and fudge. These boxes are designed for convenience, shipping flat and requiring minimal effort to assemble thanks to their quick automatic bottom and straightforward tuck top. ...They adhere to FDA standards for food packaging, ensuring safety and compliance. Additionally, these boxes are eco-friendly, utilizing water-based inks that are free from harmful chemicals. rigid candy boxesCreative packaging solutions can elevate your brand's essence, improving both the aesthetic attractiveness and the perceived freshness of your confectionery items. Utilizing distinctive geometries, palettes, and textures, your candies can stand out amongst the competition, crafting a lasting impression on consumers. Moreover, adopting sustainable packaging choices can resonate with the increasing demand for environmental responsibility, drawing in those mindful of their ecological footprint and bolstering your brand's image in the industry.

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