Wholesale Magnetic Boxes to Boost Your Packaging Game

Experience impeccable packaging with wholesale magnetic boxes at U.S. Box. Our pride comes from decades of experience - 76 years in the game - and we have sharpened our know-how to flawlessly bring you top-notch magnetic packaging boxes. Our journey began with a simple aim: changing how businesses empower their customers through Packaging Made from solid materials and finished with magnetic seals, our boxes keep your products secure and add an elegant touch to your customers unboxing moment. With 90% of consumers judging products based on their packaging, our wholesale magnetic packaging boxes include everything you need to leave a lasting impression on your customers....

Get the Most Out of Wholesale Magnetic Boxes:
Key Features: Easy to Assemble your wholesale magnetic boxes with ease! Designed for handy use, they come to you flat to save storage space and cut down shipping fees. Just click them into place, and your packing routine gets quicker, helping you work efficiently. Versatile Finishes Choose from smooth matte, chic leatherette, or shiny surfaces.

Your options include:
- Scratch-resistant matte
- Gloss, leatherette textures
- Self-adhesive matte for gift boxes

Stylish Options
Select from various fashionable alternatives to ensure your magnetic box packaging is unique. With multiple colors, patterns, and finishes, you can completely tailor the boxes to match the aesthetic of your business

Explore the Different Types of Wholesale Magnetic Boxes
Browse our selection of wholesale magnetic boxes below to find the perfect packaging solution for your products.

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Full Color Imprinted Scratch Resistant Matte Magnetic Gift Boxes

Scratch Resistant Matte Finish Ribbon Magnetic Box

Scratch Resistant Matte Finish Magnetic Box

Leatherette Magnetic Gift Boxes

Glossy Magnetic Gift Boxes

Magnetic Navy Leatherette Curved  Flap Boxes

Peel-n-Stick Matte Finish Magnetic Gift Boxes

Brown Kraft Magnetic Gift Boxes

Vogue Series 7 Panel Matte Magnetic Box

Vogue Series 7 Panel Matte Apparel Magnetic Box

Magnetic Handle Gloss White Folio Boxes


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