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Clear Vinyl Security Purse w/Sewn Seams and PVC Handles

8 Gauge DPC Vinyl.
White or Black sewn seams.
Clear PVC handles. ...

The Clear Vinyl Security Purse, designed with an 8 Gauge DPC Vinyl, offers not only durability but also a level of transparency that meets the security requirements of many events and venues. Its construction features either white or black sewn seams, providing a crisp, visually appealing contrast against the clear body, which adds a touch of elegance to its practical design. The purse is equipped with clear PVC handles, ensuring a comfortable grip while enhancing the overall minimalist aesthetic. This design choice not only compliments the purse's transparent nature but also contributes to its versatility, making it a suitable accessory for various occasions. The combination of its clear construction, reinforced seams, and durable handles makes this security purse a reliable and stylish choice for anyone needing to carry their essentials while adhering to security protocols.

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These Items must be ordered in multiples of 12 with a minimum order of 48 pieces..

Clear Vinyl Security Purse w/Sewn Seams and PVC Handles

Clear-Vinyl-Security-Purse-Sewn-Seams-and-PVC-Handles-side    Clear-Vinyl-Security-Purse-Sewn-Seams-and-PVC-Handles-top    Clear-Vinyl-Security-Purse-Sewn-Seams-and-PVC-Handles-right    Clear-Vinyl-Security-Purse-Sewn-Seams-and-PVC-Handles-left

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