Food > Food Safe Paper Laminated Tin Tie Bags  


Stand Up Heat Seal & Tin Tie Pouches 

Custom Printed Coffee Tin Tie Bags

Reclosable Tin Tie / Coffee Bean Bags

Biodegradeable PLA Lined Tin Tie Bags

Biodegradeable Colored Americana PLA Lined Tin Tie Bags

Full Color 1.5mil Oval Bottom Stand Up Pouch

Full Color 1.5mil Flat Pouch

Custom Printed 5.4mil Oval Bottom Foil Bags

Reclosable Premium 5mil Oval Bottom Foil Bags

Economy 3.5mil Oval Bottom Stand Up Pouch

Custom Printed 4.8mil Oval Bottom Window Foil Bags

4.8mil Oval Window Foil Bags

Colored Oval Bottom Window StandUp Pouch

Custom Printed 5mil Rice Paper Laminate Window Bags

5mil Rice Paper Laminate Window Bags

Matte Paper Laminate Pouch Bags

Kraft Window Stand Up Pouches

Quad Seal Flat Bottom Window Pouches

Metallic/Clear Stand Up Pouches

Ultra Transparent 4mil Pouch Bags

Frosted 5.5mil Pouch Bags

Clear 2.5mil Pouch Bags

Heat Sealable Metalized Foil Bags w/Side Gusset

Heat Sealable Burlap/Bean Photo Laminated Foil Bags

Reclosable Burlap Bean Photo Design Tin Tie Bags

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