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Paper Candy 

Everyday 1 Piece White Candy Boxes

1 Piece Colored Candy & Macaroon Boxes

Luster Metallic Candy Boxes

Folding 1 Piece White Candy Boxes

Everyday 2 Piece 1/2 Pound Candy Boxes

Everyday 2 Piece 1 Pound Candy Boxes

Everyday 2 Piece 1 1/2 Pound Candy Boxes

Everyday 2 Piece 2 Pound Candy Boxes

Traditional Automatic Paper Candy Boxes

Contemporary Ballotin Paper Candy Boxes

Colored Automatic1 Piece Folding Candy Boxes

Folding Set-up  Boxes w/ Mix & Match Colors

Glossy 2 Piece Folding Candy Boxes

Single Layer Ballotin Candy Boxes, Trays and Pads

Double Ballotin Candy Boxes, Trays and Pads

2 and 4 Piece Candy Ballotin Box

Tiny Cube Candy Box

Small 1/4lb Folding Window Candy Boxes

2 Piece Oval Window Candy Boxes

Window Candy Boxes

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Window Boxes

Candy/Caramel Apple Window Boxes

Natural Kraft Gable Window Boxes

Bottle Hanging Favor Box

Small Gourmet Gloss Window Boxes

Colorful Single Truffle Totes

Four Piece Truffle Totes

Ballotin Bow Boxes

Summer Varietals Collection

FDA Approved Craft Paper Ellipse Tube

FDA Approved Craft Paper Round Tube

Vertical White Window Candy Totes

Horizontal White Window Candy Totes

Vertical Beach Designed Window Candy Totes

Horizontal Beach Design Window Candy Totes

Glossy Colored Paper Take Out Boxes

Matte Kraft Paper Take Out Boxes

Designer Colored Chinese Take-Out Boxes

Candy & Chocolate Cups


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