Heavy Duty 6mil Zip Style Bags

Heavy duty plastic 6 Mil Zip Style Bags are our thickest Zip Style bags and are ideal for packaging, shipping, and storage of your sharpest and heaviest items in these clearzip poly bags. These heavy duty clear zip lock 6 Mil plastic bags greatly reduce the possibility of tears or punctures and protect the contents under heavier use and re-use. The side-welded 6 mil zipper top bag seal reinforces the zipper for added strength and insures these 6 Mil zip style bags are resealable and reusable, no matter how many times the bag is opened and closed. Use the Clearzip 6 mil poly zip style bags when impressive clarity, durability, and strength matter. 6 mil. heavy Zip Style bags are perfect for food.
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Heavy Duty 6mil Zip Style Bags

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